The people of the Vogtland region are said to be the Quarrelsome mountain people (zänkisches Bergvolk – ZBV). It is based on quarrels between the small villages of the region, which date back to the time of their fathers and grandfathers. So the “Vogtländer” is very reserved towards strangers at the beginning. The well-known song “Maschen-Draht-Zaun” – wire netting fence- by Stefan Raab shows these quarrels between neighbours.

But when you know the people of the Vogtland region better, you will notice that they have got a special humour and that they are very warm. The “Vogtländer” is determined and tough.

Das Logo der Geocacher des Zänkischen Bergvolks

The ORGA-Team of the event met in the geocacher-forum of the Vogtland region and has the name  “Quarrelsome mountain people”. Doesn`t it show that we have got a sense of humour? But we are also proud of it!

Since 2013 different events under the name of ZBV have taken place. From CITO on a 23 km long distance with about 100 participants to the annual “Hutzenohmd” these events are very popular.

Who belongs to the quarrelsome people?:

auge 2865 | Ramona & Thomas

Thomas is a small but important part of the Vogtland cacher scene. He attends every event, does every cache and therefore he is a popular telefon joker. Everybody wonders how he manages his cache activities and moreover finds time for all his many other activities and hobbies. This is his secret. Ramona enjoys supporting Thomas and takes over the moderate part in the team. When you need help, you can always ask them.

auge 2865 at

El_Rolfo | Katrin & Rolf

Rolf and Katrin are the veterans of the Vogtland cacher scene. It has been their hobby since 2002. Rolf is the driving force in the team. His knowledge of useful and useless things of geocaching is legendary.
In 2014 the team increased. Amy Farrah Fowler came into the well-ordered life of the El_Rolfos, confused it, but at the same time opened up new perspectives.

El_Rolfo at

Fuchs, Hase & Igel | Sylvia & René

It has been Sylvia`s and Rene`s hobby since the beginning of 2009. They are enthusiastic about both long walks and Multis with a lot of expenditure. But they also like the fast statistic point on the crash carrier.
Originally the father and the two sons were called “Fuchs, Hase & Igel” , and for Sylvia only the “&” was left. In the Vogtland  the name “Fuchs, Hase & Igel” stands for creative quality caches. Rene likes to do practical things and Sylvia takes over the online-part. Together with other cachers of the region they enjoy going on excursions to Mega- and Gigaevents.

Fuchs, Hase & Igel at

chefchen70 | Mareike & Steffen

Mareike and Steffen have been active cachers since 2009. At the beginning of his “cacher carrier” Steffen was still the owner of a pub. Now he works as a shoemaker. You can see, that he can`t break with shoe soles (The people in our region call tough steaks “shoe soles”). At first he served them in his pub and nowadays he repairs them. Of course this was only a joke! You really must taste his sauerkraut! It`s the best you have ever eaten!
Both are passionate cyclists and Steffen always has his camera with him. The photos of this page and of most of the events were taken by him.

chefchen70 at

listel | Markus

Markus has been a geocacher since 2007. In 2008 he hid his first container and since that time he has made happy the “cacher world” with his creations.

listel at

🙁 | Sandy

As Mr. listel`s wife Sandy`s life isn`t alway easy. At the beginning her enthusiasm for the new hobby was limited. As appreciation of her suffering she got her own account in 2011.

🙁 at

astriÅ porta | Michael

At the beginning Michael took part as the “Hare” in the team Fox, Hare & Hedgehog. In 2010 he began his studies and started his own account. He enjoys doing Multis or LPs with big expenditure as well as doing climbing caches. He is enthusiastic about excursions like “400 containers a day” or “Excursion to GC40” and does the GSAK planning. When you hide caches it`s more important to pay attention to the way where and how you hide your caches than how many you hide.
He is one of the youngest in the ZBV team, but you don`t notice that. He organizes a lot, keeps the minutes and knows the facts which are important.  Sometimes he must be stopped so that it does not become too exactly. ?

astriÅ porta at

king-ton | Toni

As the “Vogtländer” (people from the Vogtland) are not only quarrelsome people but also clever external help was used to make the website and the other new-fangled games. So Toni, a man from the “Erzgebirge”, was honoured to become a member of the ORGA -Team.

He does almost all of the EDP work. Furthermore Toni is involved in different projects (, Challengechecker at, statistic sites for various Cachers?).
As a cacher Toni is enthusiastic about higher scoring, unusual ideas and brilliant caches.
No way is too far away for him.


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