As early as the year 1932 there were plans for building a big ski jump on the northern hillside of the “Schwarzberg“ near Klingenthal. This ski jump should make it possible to jump 150 metres. At that time it would have been twice as far as the world record, which was 82 metres in 1932.

But this project couldn`t be realized and it took until 2003 when the building started. In August 2006 the ski jump was opened. The Vogtland arena belongs to the most modern ski jumps of the world and jumps over 140 metres are possible.

Since that time world-cup competitions of ski jumping and Northern combination have taken place regularly there. The record holder of this ski jump has been the German Michael Uhrmann with 146.5 metres since 2nd February, 2011. In summer you can watch ski jumpers when they train on mats and regularly there are events like concerts and sporting events.


When there are no competitions you can walk on the ski jump. By the Wie-Li, a lift, you can get to the start tower and then into the lookout capsule, where you have a fantastic view over the Vogtland region.

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